Distance Session

What is a Distance Session?  How can the benefits be the same as an In-person Session?

A Biofield Tuning Session or an Adrenal Rhythm Reset Session can be done In-person or as a Distance Session.

In a Distance Session the Biofield Tuning Practitioner and the client are not in the same room.  The client can lay comfortably literally anywhere, and the Biofield Tuning Session occurs via the phone or Zoom (a free App downloaded on your computer). 

Skeptical?  I certainly was!  But thousands of Distance Sessions have been done, and I have done my own comparison studies and the clients say the experience and results are the same whether they are in the same room with me, or receiving the session with a speaker phone.  My way of understanding is to think that the sound frequencies of the tuning forks are heard through the phone just like the sound frequencies of voices.

Biofield Tuning founder, author and researcher Eileen Day McKusick was quite skeptical at first until she tried it with her friend Dr. Karl Maret.  Eileen set up her treatment table and envisioned Dr. Karl Maret on it while he laid down at his home in another state.  Eileen did a tuning session as usual and was able to detect imbalnces in his biofield.  At the same time Dr. Karl Maret was experiencing energetic sensations in his body just like when he had been physically present with Eileen getting a biofield tuning.  He also felt relief from the imbalances Eileen had found and harmonized.

Biofield founder & researcher Eileen Day McKusick explains in this video how a Distance Session works.
Payment for Distance Sessions

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